The social and business dynamics of the XXI century demand individuals, professionals and managers with global knowledge.


Unimaster programs provide this knowledge in a flexible structure that can be customized in terms of objectives, time and the needs of each of our students.

In each of our programs are developed in a coordinated way traditional and more innovative in order to create highly qualified professionals who can successfully meet the challenges of today’s workplace knowledge.

Our courses are classified as:


These courses have a duration of 2 or 3 months and are designed to provide the student expertise in a particular area of knowledge.


These courses have a duration of 6 months. They are designed so that the student can specialize in a short time on the topic of professional interest.


The Management Development Program (PDD) enables students to acquire general knowledge for business gesitón. It lasts for 6 months.

The General Management Program (PDG) allows students to acquire competence in core areas of the company to successfully address the business


Master programs are designed to suit the current needs of the business world. They can be customized or adapted to the professional needs of each of our students. They last 2 years.


The MBA students Unimaster Team provides control over all areas of the company. Flexible. Practical. I customized. Adapted to the objectives and the reality of the XXI century.

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