Unimaster Team, Eurosigma group member, is a business school specializing in business and high-level university education. With an experience of over 25 years in training and ten years in the field of e-learning, we witness firsthand the birth of the e-learning industry in Spain and its subsequent development.

The areas of training are:

  • Business
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Skills
  • Digital marketing
  • Import – Export

We are known:

  • Provide training courses and virtual classroom
  • Design of materials for various training areas
  • Platforms and e-learning services
  • Collaboration with universities, business schools and institutions

Our professionals are:

  • Highly specialized
  • Active in professional areas
  • Members of our group
  • Partners duly audited first level
The social and business dynamics of the century XXI demand professionals with global business knowledge. The curricula Unimaster Team provide this knowledge in a unified manner in a general and flexible structure in its various specialties, developing coordinated traditional and innovative knowledge in order to create highly qualified professionals who can successfully meet the challenges business management in a global world.  

Our educational model is:

  • Advanced and adapted to the XXI century
  • Based on diagnosis, monitoring and feedback
  • Student-centered
  • Facing tangible results

Our courses are based on:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Monitoring the progress of the student
  • Permanent feedback
  • Modularity and flexibility

Unimaster Team, allows:

  • Take the course online in its entirety.
  • Partial validation for previous studies
  • Total Recognition by previous studies.
In this sense, all Unimaster offers degree programs in e-learning and Blended integrated with the best original texts.