Business Plan for Entrepreneurs

Business Plan for Entrepreneurs


The course of Business Plan for Entrepreneurs is intended for students to acquire domain knowledge needed for the development of a Business Plan.


With courses Unimaster Team You can specialize in the area of ​​your interest, in no time, benefiting from the highest quality, flexibility, and if you want, totally focused on your business needs. The training is 100% online. There is complete freedom of time and a broad program flexibility while respecting the highest level of quality.
  • Individualized online training.
  • Case Studies.
  • Personal Coach.
  • Teaching materials included.
Our experience at your fingertips to help you achieve your professional development successfully. In no time you will master the knowledge and resources to develop your professional project! We work every day to draw us to yourself and adapt to the needs that arise today. The figure of the coach will help you and guide you throughout the process to make this totally enriching experience. This is with the sole purpose of you can apply all the knowledge you acquire during your professional field.  


  • Ability to analyze
  • Ability to synthesize
  • Budgetary capacity
  • Ability to organize
  • Financial analysis capacity
  • Implementation capacity of the Business Plan.
  • Domain on legal aspects
  • Domain on Marketing plan
  • Domain on Production plan
Business Plan for Entrepreneurs


  • Introduction to Business Plan
  • Market plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Production Plan
  • Human Resources Plan
  • Financial plan
  • Legal Aspects
  • Business Plan. Exhibition.
  • Business Plan. Commissioning.
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